Who Needs Team T-shirts?

Team T-shirts are a great investment for all kinds of teams. They help foster a sense of belonging and build the true spirit of teamwork. Whether you are putting together a new team, renewing an existing team or creating a team that will be short lived, custom t-shirts specific to that group will offer a sense of unity that is simply not there without shirts.cheap t shirts printed Don’t think that getting t shirts printed for your team will break the bank. There are many coupons and promo codes for most of the major online printing companies. There are some Zazzle coupons as well as Vistaprint free shipping discounts at Print Detective.

Some of those who need team tees include:

–          Sports Teams: Custom tees give a sports tee a great casual option to wear for practices, after a game, for outings and to identify themselves as proud members of a strong sports team.

–          Supporters of Sports Team: A custom tee is a great way to show your support of your favorite sports team: your kids’ team, local or professional team. Every parent should have a T-shirt supporting their kids’ team and especially their favorite player.

–          Work Teams: Whether your work team includes every employee at your company or just a few in your department, your work team needs custom tees to help build team spirit and company loyalty.

–          Recreational Teams, like chess teams and drama teams, as well as other activity groups: Any group that competes or works together is a team that needs shirts to help build their community, increase awareness of their group and strengthen their bonds.

–          Charity and Non-Profit Teams: Groups that work together for the greater good, whether it is as a relay team during a charity run, mission trip participants or committees within non-profit organizations, all benefit from team tees. Since volunteers often do not know each other and are hard to distinguish from other people, matching custom T-shirts simplify things greatly, allowing them to stand out from the crowd.

Team tees are a major asset to teams of all types. If you are a part of any team, consider the benefits of custom T-shirts and take a closer look at the many online printing options available to meet your needs at www.PrintDetective.com.

The 7 Groups You Belong To You Need a Customized T-Shirt For


Being a part of a group is a part of your identity. Having a T-shirt to boast of that group identity is simply a great idea. In fact customized T-shirts have the power to do so much from promotion to support to simply bringing a smile. Many places you go in life you can get customized T-Shirts: vacation destinations, theme parks, reunions and more. However, creating your own customized tees for the groups that are important to you, says so much about you.

Your Business

Customized tees for your business give you and your employees a cohesive, professional look. They also give you a platform for promoting a product or service that you want to focus on.

Your Family

Matching T-shirts for your family members lends an atmosphere of fun and belonging to gatherings and can greatly increase personal safety when visiting crowded destinations like theme parks.

Your Sports Team

If you or your child is on a sports team, investing in custom T-shirts helps to increase team spirit. Even for those on the sideline, nothing says support like a tee boasting of the team your loved one plays on.

Your Marriage

As long as you don’t choose a shirt that says “I’m with Stupid”, a T-shirt flaunting your taken status is bound to be a hit, especially with your significant other.

Your Favorite Charity

Your favorite charity or cause is a great reason to invest in a customized T-shirt. There is no easier way to support your group and get the word out about its goals than with a T-shirt that says it all.

Your School

Typically schools have their own T-shirts, but there is nothing preventing you from having your own T-shirt made that sets you apart or more specifically shares your affiliation to the school. A school shirt saying “volunteer”, “alumni” or “fan of” are great unique school spirit wear.

Your Crazy Group of Friends

Yes, most of us have that crazy group of friends that we love like family. There’s no real great reason that you all need customized T-shirts except for the fact that it would be fun and goofy. And isn’t that what friends are all about anyway!

Look for a little inspiration and create the perfect design for your customized group T-shirts.

Top 10 T-Shirts You Need In Your Wardrobe


In every wardrobe there is room for a few good T-shirts. In fact, we have determined, there are 10 T-shirts that every person needs to own. If you don’t have all 10, now’s your chance to grab a little inspiration and order the ones you need to fill in the gaps.  Do you have all 10 must-have T-shirts?

One that shows your love of someone else

This could be your “I love my wife” or “My husband’s awesome” shirt. It could also be a shirt boasting of your child or someone else in your life that’s extra special.

One that says what you believe in

T-shirts send messages loud and clear, because we simply wouldn’t wear one that goes against what we believe in. If you don’t have one already, invest in one that tells what you believe in: your religious belief, your personal values, the social justice issues that most bother you or whatever speaks most to you.

One that makes you laugh

This is your goofy T-shirt that brings a smile to your face when you see it. Whether it’s a witty phrase or an unforgettable image, this is shirt that still makes you giggle.

One that shows your connection to a school

If you are a student or the parent of a student, this one is a no-brainer. If that is not where you are in life, a shirt from your alma mater is what you need.

One that shows what you support

This is the T-shirt that likely came from an event or race supporting a cause you truly believe in. It may be cancer research, anti-human slavery, poverty or any of a number of important causes.

One for your favorite holiday of the year

Everyone has a favorite holiday and should have a T-shirt to celebrate it. Even if you only wear it a couple of days a year, it lets others know how much you love that holiday.

One that connects you to work

Wherever you work there should be a company shirt. For special occasions, parties, tradeshows, casual days, etc., it is the perfect apparel choice. If your workplace doesn’t have custom apparel, you need to talk to someone there about the team benefits it brings.

One that shows your patriotism

Everyone needs a tee with that features their country. Even if you just wear it during the Olympics, on Independence Day and when you travel, it is a definite must have.